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What is Walt Customs Trade?
Our business is based on repurchase of goods from customs warehouses and further sale in Europe and CIS countries . In addition, we provide container shipping services
How much can I earn here?
All depends on the amount invested. We have 4 types of tariff plans, see details on "Investors" page
Is it possible to have a multi-account?
Can I have more than one Investment account?
No, only one. But it is possible to increase and replenish it.
Can I invite my friends/Familiars to the company?
Yes, of course. The company has a system of rewards for inviting new investors.
Why do you accept funds from individuals?
To scale the company and increase working capital so there is an uninterrupted flow of funds.
Can I earn money by inviting people without an open investment account?
You need to get affiliate status to receive earnings for the invited people.