Our plans

Company goals for 2022:

  1. Start the project to attract investment from private individuals WCT
  2. Conclude agreements for the purchase of an additional range of goods
  3. Increase presence in partner chain stores
  4. Expand cargo insurance
  5. Carrying out promotions for active partners of the company
  6. First offline presentation
  7. Diversification of investment areas
  8. Negotiate / conclude agreements of intent for cooperation with a number of customs brokers of the countries of the Pacific region

Milestones of strategic business development (next 5 years):

  1. Diversification of the business, the main activity should not account for more than 60% of sales.
  2. Study and presence in the market of the countries of the Pacific region.
  3. Development of the material base, balanced investments in non-current funds.
  4. Full automation and digitalization of business
  5. Development of corporate culture and values.
  6.  First Online CEO Presentation
  7. Search for new directions and tools for partnerships.
  8.  Establishment of a venture fund
  9. Selection and analysis of start-ups in order to find interesting ideas for business development.
  10.  Scaling the business to enter new markets